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2017 Australian Pop Culture Guide - Digital Edition Only
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2017 Australian Pop Culture Guide - Digital Edition Only

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Still want a Calendar but lack walls to put it on? This might be what you need.

When you buy this you will get access to digital version of the dates included in our 2017 Pop Culture Guide Calendar with all of the Movies, TV, Comics, Cons, Gaming and other events for 2017. This is not a physical calendar you will receive no physical item.

What you do get is access to a online calendar that you can sync with your own device which includes all the dates from the 2017 calendars (but none of the pretty pictures or touchy feely sensation). As the calendar is online it also will receive updates across the year as we receive validated information.

So same guide, different format, no pictures. This is also included for free if you buy our Awesome Calendar/Guide from the online store.

Oh and it still helps puppies. 

Buy a Calendar. Help Puppies. Be Awesome.

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