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Want to win some exclusive Pops?

It's no great secret that we want to sell as many Calendar guides as we can because we are raising money for Smartpups. Every calendar sold helps us be able to support Smartpups who train puppies into service dogs for special needs kids such as those with Autism and Seizure related conditions.

To help sell as many calendars as we can we are prepared to bribe you even more, sure if you buy a calendar you get a 12 month guide to all pop culture related events for Australia + a digital copy to sync with your phone. Yes it is pretty cheap at only $20 for so much value and yes that does now include free shipping inside Australia.

But we are going to sweeten the pot again, if you buy a Calendar Guide to help Smartpups and use the discount code 'HELPTHEPUPPIES' you will get an additional 25% off a calendar and enter for a chance to win some exclusive & rare Funko Pops! (You dont have to use the discount to enter but you do have to take note of your order number and use the link below)

'Which Pops and can I win them all?' you may ask. The answer is yes but we want to make this interesting. For every 100 Calendar Guides sold (up to 1000) to help the puppies the number of rare Pops you can win increases.

We are keeping the last 5 a mystery but if you got this far you have a pretty good idea of rare and exclusive pops we are planning to give away for the first 500 sold to help the puppies. You can enter here!!!







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