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How to stick it to 2016 (even if you already got a calendar)

Haven't got a calendar yet?

1. Go to our online store (hey you are already here!)

2. Buy a calendar of all the awesome stuff for 2017 which buying helps Smartpups who train service dogs for kids with autism
3. Use the discount code 'HELPTHEPUPPIES' to get 25% off and free shipping on your calendar (and don't forget you get a digital copy to sync with your phone so you dont miss out on Penguin Awareness Day)
4. Post to your friends about your new purchase and how you helped puppies + kids and how you kicked 2016's ass (Hey tag us too on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or where ever you feel!)
5. Sit back and enjoy feeling good about how you made something good happen

Already purchased a calendar in store and didnt get a digital edition?

We haven't forgotten about you and we don't want you missing out! Post on social media about your calendar and encourage others to help Smartpups by buying one (they can use the discount code even) & tag us, that last part is important.

We will send you a PM, DM, Morsecode or Batsignal to get your details to be able to share the digital calendar with you. Easy.

2017 is coming. Get a calendar. Help puppies. Be awesome. Kick 2016's ass

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